Friday, February 04, 2005


Press Conferences Made Simple™

Those journalists sure can ask some pesky and downright hard questions. How can we stop that? Well...why not place our own people with the journalists!

The thought process above must have occured in the White House at some point, because as the Boston Globe reports here, a man named Jeff Gannon (who has next to nothing in the credentials department) asks softball questions, frames things in partisan rhetoric, and is the go-to guy when the President's grilled on tough issues by actual, real journalists. He's also funded by a GOP activist organization.

After the outright propaganda of the Karen Ryan ordeal, and the recent revelations of commentators being paid to spout White House policies, I guess I'm not that surprised. Still, I always liked to think historical Soviet practices were confined to...historical Soviet practices. It's true that America has a long, flourishing practice of propaganda, I'm just not sure it's been quite this flagrant before. Upcoming headline: President Bush Announces Creation of Ministry of Truth Department. "I'm for the truth," the President said, " and terrorists hate us for our truth."

UPDATE: The aptly titled The Propaganda President at Slate goes over some of the same issues.

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