Saturday, February 19, 2005


Intervention Time...

Somebody need to sit down Thaksin Shinawatra, the prime minister of Thailand, because he's been making some bad decisions.

First, his adminstration ignored a warning about the recent tsunami to protect the tourism industry. That's at least somewhat defensible, as there had been false alarms in the past. What's more alarming is that this sort of thinking appears to be more widespread. Apparently, his administration is taking no action against bird flu in order to stave off panic. Not the best move.

Here are two ways to respond to such a crisis:

A) Pretend it's not happening.
This is what China did when SARS emerged. Consequently, it spread across the globe.

B) Take swift action to stop and contain the pathogen.
This is what Hong Kong did in 1997, thereby halting the developement of a bird flu pandemic.

Thailand is choosing option A. When you consider that so far the virus has a fatality rate of 75%, and could kill 2-100 million people by conservtive estimates, or even 1 billion people by an extreme scenario, this just doesn't seem like the best reasoning. If anybody reading this knows Thaksin, try and talk some sense into the guy.
scary, very scary. Of course this is the same guy - the Thai PM - that we saw walking the beaches thanking some obese Swiss naturalists for hanginf out less than three days after the tsunamis, no?
That must be the same guy...I vaguely remember catching footage of something like that. How often do you really see obese Swiss naturalists on TV after all?
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