Sunday, January 23, 2005


Attention Garage Scientists: Your New Hero Has Arrived

Photo by Bill Tremblay for

A combination of sleep deprivation, sinusitis, and lack of time have conspired to drag down the frequency of my posts. I'm sure I could fit in Nigerian terrorists and the former cast of The Cosby Show somehow in this conspiracy, but really...the first three are more than adequate.

Anyhow, here's something that caught my eye a few days ago (Moffatt already beat me to it).

All those geek-boy and spook fantasies of looking through walls, detecting stealth technology, and shutting down electronics at will have apparently crossed over to reality. A Canadian man, with the help of a recurring dream that told him how to build it (and $30,000), built a device he calls the Angel Light that can allegedly do all of the above.

It sounds like something out of The Weekly World News, but MIT, the French Government, and Saudi intelligence officials have become involved in the project. I'm not sure whether the man's invention will turn out to be valid, but I have a strange feeling it's authentic. The article (with a photo gallery) is located here.

That's a hilarious picture. Thanks for the post of concern. I'm fine. I've been offline for basically the same reasons as you. Hope you can get a good night's sleep.
any follow up on this story?
Apparently there's going to be a public demo of the "death ray" feature on Feb. 16th or 17th (no "X-Ray" due to an agreement with the French). I also found out he's invented near impervious armor and fire proof paste, and both were shown to work. So...death rays, armored's a good thing he has no ambitions to take over the world.
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