Saturday, November 06, 2004

Evidence Mounts That The Vote Was Hacked
I don't know how to handle this. One stolen election was bad enough....

I hate to admit that the vote fraud possibility has moved beyond quaint theory and firmly into reality. Something is really going on, and where's the outrage or at least the curiousity of the mainstream press? The conservatives can scream all they want about the so called "liberal media", but it just doesn't hold up in the face of all the scandals that have disappeared as quickly as they've arrived for this administration. Al-Qaqqa would have persisted for weeks on end under Clinton's watch; Abu Ghraib would have brought down his presidency. Or how about the yellowcake lies? The leaking of Valerie Plame as a CIA agent, which is a federal crime? How about the simple fact that there just wasn't any WMD to begin with when we went to Iraq, and that it seems likely that they 'sexed up'--as the Brits would put it--the allegations all along? Then there's the possiblity that Bush was wired for the debates, or how about that drunk driving charge? Do you think the radio pundits or the heartland would have just glossed that over if it had been John Kerry? or do you think we might have seen a few adverts about how "If Kerry didn't have judgement enough to stay off the roads, how can you trust his judgement to lead this country?" And yet with Bush, it has always been a non-issue.
Moreover, why have baseless lies like the Swiftboat ads gone hugely public, while similarly claims like Bush having allegedly once paid for a girlfriend's abortion been buried?

As you can tell, I'm bitter, and starting to sound like a crackpot, but why are these scandals the elephant in the room that no one can see? Why does it feel more and more like we're slouching towards some Orwellian nightmare?

Serenity Now.

A few days ago I wrote a long elegy for the Kerry presidency that could have been. I pondered the cause of the election's outcome: legitimate election or Diebold chicanery? It was my longest post so far, and I was quite pleased with it.

Then Blogger had a server error, and all was lost. O, Discordia. ;) In any case, I'm moving on from direct election analysis, but I will forward you to a few pages discussing the possible scenario that vote fraud was a spoiler in this election. It's just one possibility, but a very plausible one I think. You should be able to find all you would need to know about it from within these sites:

Greg Palast
Daily Kos

What a coincidence! After typing the above, I checked the CNN hadline news to see the article below....
CNN--Glitch Gave Bush Extra Votes in Ohio


Monday, November 01, 2004



It's important that tommorow you round up anyone with a pulse and get them to the polling booths. This election is just going to be too close for anyone's comfort. And remember these things:

1. Know your precinct. Go to My Polling Place to check where you should be voting at. If you vote in the wrong precinct, your vote will not count.

2. Bring some ID.

3. If you're not on the list for some reason, ask for a provisional ballot.

3. Check and recheck your ballot for errors.

4. If you have any problems, contact 1-866-MYVOTE1. If you need legal assistance, contact 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

And last, it's important to know that whoever wins tommorow, both Bush and Kerry descend from the line of Vlad the Impaler, AKA: Dracula.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Unless something really outrageous happens, I'm laying off the political posts until after the election. Without further ado, visit the The Urban Beast Project.

Kerry's Contra-Cocaine Chapter
One U.S. senator put his political career on the line to ask the questions no one wanted to ask. Just one more reason this guy is getting my vote, and deserves yours as well.

As if I Needed Another Reason to Hate Bugs...

The Anti-Environmental Armageddon Cult: 231 Members of Congress Near You
It's commendable to have faith and religious beliefs; it's not commendable to put those ideals into legislation, particularly radical ones like believing the world's destruction is right around the corner, so who really cares about protecting anything? Or worse yet, of actually hastening destruction along to bring about the rapture.

This may seem sort of crazy, but it's very real. James Watt, Reagan's former Secretary of the Interior, disregarded all attempts at conservation because according to him, "God gave us these things to use. After the last tree is felled, Christ will come back."

Even worse, evangelicals--a signifant portion of our government including the President, Tom Delay, John Ashcroft, etc.--want the end times to be approaching. Some fundamentalist Christians have even joined with Israeli Jews in creating a pure red calf, an animal that must be sacrificed to fulfill an apocalyptic prophecy. If they will pursue such mundane and obscure activities to bring about the rapture, doesn't it follow that they might also be promoting other end-time prophecies like war and extreme weather, famine, etc.? Can we really trust these people to be running our nation?

There are indication our war in Iraq was at least partially a bid to bring about Armageddon due to biblical prophecies surrounding this region. Don't believe me? Check out these articles gushing about how the Iraq war will fulfill prophecy here and here, or check out the books about the topic here.

Aside from being frightening, doesn't this behavior seem hypocritical? How could someone call themselves a Christian--Christ, again, who's central tenant was love your neighbor as you love yourself--and do things that would bring about death and destruction, whether through obvious activities like warmongering, or indirect ways like not checking pollution and thereby increasing cancer rates and pulmonary disease among fellow humans? Plus, I seem to recall reading in the Bible that no man can predict the hour of Christ's return. Isn't not only predicting it, but helping it to arrive, a remarkable act of hubris?

Related Reading: When Billy Graham Planned to Kill One Million People

Note: Please understand that I am in no way bashing Christianity, but only a minority of it's followers who seem to have taken their own strange and particular brand of it to heart. I would react the same way to a branch of Microsoft employees spreading the joys of being a luddite.

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