Friday, December 03, 2004


Why You Can't Believe The News...

Pentagon Propaganda Shop Lives On, 'L.A. Times' Reports
Remember the Office of Strategic Truth? It was going to be the one-stop shop for all the military's propaganda needs. Sadly, when the existence of the project was leaked, Rummy had to kill the project.

Of course, we all know he did no such thing, and that's what the above link is about. Apparently--prepare to be surprised--all of it's duties have been taken over by other departments. In other words, back to business as usual.

Now, the article seems to imply that the propaganda efforts being carried out are directed solely at Iraqi insurgents and other foreigners. Excuse me while I laugh.

It's fairly obvious that such an agency would also be used to skew the average American's perception of events occurring in Iraq as well. Hence incidents like this: US Army sent fake Iraq letters, wherein the military sent letters to newspapers across the US from various "troops", who were proclaiming all the great things they were doing in Iraq, and just how swell everything was. The jig was up when two of the letters were sent to the same newspaper from two different soldiers.....with the same contents in the letter.

The other way in which propaganda abroad can influence Americans are from stories planted in a foreign press that become picked up domestically. Not only in Al-Jazeera, but in any country. How then, can we trust any news report to be real? We can't!

Well, at least my domestic news is safe, you say. Sorry. Read up on Operation Mockingbird, a CIA program that staffed all the major news agencies with CIA funded journalists/agents who vetted and created material. It was abolished sometime in the mid-70's after the Church Comittee investigated it....but then the Office of Strategic Influence was abolished in 2002 as well, wasn't it?

This is unrelated, but could you find out about the tree "cerbera odollam"? I read some weird stuff about it, but I can't seem to find a good source for information. Anyway, it seems strange, interesting, and frightening!

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