Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Via DailyKos, Apparently Rumsfeld can't even be bothered to sign the damn letters telling families their loved ones have died in Iraq. But that's the "morals" party for you.

UPDATE 12/19: Now that everyone's calling for his resignation, Rumsfeld has changed his mind about the matter. From CNN: Rumsfeld to sign death letters

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing the letters article. Just helps support my belief that to this administration, individual soldiers are seen as expendible pawns, and as the article showed, too insignificant to even spend a real signature on. I liked Cerberus' comment that if they're not going to bother with a real signature, they shouldn't bother with letters at all. I agree, I would rather receive nothing at all than some mimeographed, impersonal, gaudily stamped letter from the person who decided my family member's life was worth whatever agendas they have on their plates.

On another note, I saw your comment on my Ninilchik post. I missed that one initially. I thought I'd comment that Nikiski is part of my patrol area, I frequent it often and know it well. Nikiski is an interesting place. In fact, some of the best people I have ever met on the job have been in Nikiski, but then again, so have the worst. I have a trip up north on my agenda for tomorrow, so you may see me out and about. Thanks for your comments!
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