Saturday, December 04, 2004


Some Good News...

We Will Be Able to Live to 1,000
This isn't ripped from the pages of the Weekly World News, rather, it's an article from the BBC about Dr. Aubrey de Gray of Cambridge University, and his belief that we will soon conquer aging as we know it.

By repairing accumulated cellular and molecular damage in the body--processes he claims are within the reach of current technology, and indeed already under development--we can extend life to Methuselean standards.

posted by backspin -

whew! glad u.s. presidents can only serve 2 terms.
haha...good point. I guess we should get started on Senate term limits too. I'd hate to see the thousand year reign of Trent Lott.
Nevermind Lott, this would only be cool if I get to outlive Britney Spears.
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