Saturday, December 11, 2004


Rummy's Fuzzy Physics

By now, everyone is probably familiar with the soldier who questioned Rumsfeld about the lack of vehicle armor, and the Secretary of Defense explaining to the troops that they would just have to tough things out. "You fight it out with the army you've got", he said. And hey, it's "a matter of physics". Sure, we'd love to have more armor for you guys, his reasoning went, there's just no way to increase production. That answer is bad enough, considering this was a war of choice and things like this should have been planned well in advance. That comment would have been acceptable in an impromptu involvement like WWII, but in a conflict like this, it's just a sign of incompetence. That's understandable, if inept , except...

He's lying.

Check out these quotes from this article:

Not only did the administration disastrously underplan post-war Iraq, it's also ignored the issue of correcting the problem. Why? The widespread lack of armor is a flaw that's been known and complained about for over a year now, and it's only in light of the PR blunder that changes are now being implemented. Do they really not care? Is it some sort of awful, cost-benefit analysis like the car companies used to use: "Well, we could replace the faulty fuel tanks, but that would be awfully expensive. Much more expensive than a few lives and subsequent lawsuits would be." No rational and caring explanation makes sense, but then again, the pentagon isn't a member of the reality-based community, is it?

I wonder if Rummy knew this or if he doesn't have a clue. I'm sure he figured everyone would just be so happy to see him and that no one in the military would dare speak up and challenge the mighty secretary of defense. Check this out from another blog I read:

(a) AMOUNT.—Of the amount authorized to be appropriated for the Army for fiscal year 2005 for other procurement under section 101(5), $610,000,000 shall be available for both of the purposes described in subsection (b) and may be used for either or both of such purposes.
(b) PURPOSES.—The purposes referred to in subsection (a) are as follows:
(1) The procurement of up-armored high mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicles at a rate up to 450 such vehicles each month.
(2) The procurement of wheeled vehicle ballistic add-on armor protection.
(c) ALLOCATION BY SECRETARY OF THE ARMY.—(1) The Secretary of the Army shall allocate the amount available under subsection (a) between the two purposes set forth in subsection (b) as the Secretary determines appropriate to meet the requirements of the Army.
(2) Not later than 15 days before making an allocation under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall transmit a notification of the proposed allocation to the congressional defense committees.
(d) PROHIBITION ON USE FOR OTHER PURPOSES. — The amount available under subsection (a) may not be used for any purpose other than a purpose specified in subsection (b).

Secretary Rumsfeld told the assembled soldiers that the output of the factory was dictated by physics
I think it’s something like 400 a month are being done. And it’s essentially a matter of physics. It isn’t a matter of money. It isn’t a matter on the part of the Army of desire. It’s a matter of production and capability of doing it.

Hmmmm... very very interesting :)

Hope you're feeling better these days.
I'm guessing he did know, and as you pointed out, never imagined anyone would call him on it. The combination of hubris and idiocy in this crew is just unbelievable...
Great post. They seriously underestimated the war with Iraq. Insiders were stating that prior to the war starting, cabinet members estimated the war would last an absurdly short time. I think the number was 7-14 days. Given that mindset and the tax cuts, there's obviously no way to pay for troop equipment and support.

However, they did estimate 4 billion for the war, so where has most of that money gone? Hmmm... someone should follow the money trail.
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