Friday, December 17, 2004


Outposts from the Animal Kingdom, Sort of

I haven't been hearing much about animals in the news these days, and why is that? Because it seems to me there's some weird shit going on in the wild kingdom. (Of course, right after typing this, it seems that a horrific shark attack occurred in Australia, and is now splashed across CNN's headline news page. If I caused that, I'm sorry.)

Other, less tragic animal stories I meant to post about:

1. If you've ever wondered what would happen if spiders got stoned out of their mind and spun webs, ponder no more. NASA's already done the heavy lifting. This page has info (with photos) of spiders who were tripping in the name of science.

2. Scientist: Prairie Dogs Have Own Language
While it's possible the scientist in question may have shared something in common with the above mentioned spiders, his research does seem credible, even though it's yet to be peer reviewed. If true though, prairie dogs may have met the qualifications for an actual language as defined by linguists, which would either be revolutionary, or just cause Republicans to plow them under for fear that they might be setting up underground terror cells.

3. Chinese Robo-Fish
The headline says it all. Not an animal, but real enough to be used for fishing, apparently.

Mother Nature is NOT happy with us!
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