Thursday, December 09, 2004


I Feel a Draft...

From the Times Online:
"Experts are divided over how stretched America’s military really is. But they agree that another conflict would put the military in overdrive. Another war would require a shift to a “no-kidding wartime posture in which everybody who could shoot was given a rifle and sent to the front,” according to John Pike, of "

Something has to change here. Either Bush scales back his goals, or we're facing a draft. The "stop loss" plan is old news, and that practice is actually being challenged in court. But there are new signs creeping up every day of an army stretched out like the skin of an overblown balloon. A few samples:

The Army Reserves and National Guard are below 50% of their goals for recruitment and retention, and the quality of those recruits is sub-par. Officers and Captains are in particular short supply.

Wounded or Disabled But Still on Active Duty

Morale is low, and 5,500 servicemen have already deserted.

Army teams face surgeon shortages

U.S. struggles to find troops for Iraq, Afghanistan

The army has also mobilized former soldiers who are only allowed to be activated in the case of a national emergency, and apparently are beginning to place woman in land combat, a practice which is prohibited by pentagon rules and virtually unheard of in any industrialized nation. However, I cannot find the source for this story; I heard it today on the radio from, I believe, a Washington Post columnist. The columnist confirmed that without deploying women into land combat, the army would simply not have enough men.

UPDATE: Here's the link to the land combat article.

Very nice info. Thanks for showing those of us concerned with reality what problems we are going to face in the coming four years (or until Bush is impeached which will only occur if dems pick up some seats in the off-year election in two years)
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