Saturday, December 18, 2004


Free MP3s

Attention hardcore Beatles fans: If you happened to be a member of the fan club between 1963 and 1969...well, I guess you can sit back and gloat. For the rest of us, the Christmas albums are hard to find and very expensive. Naturally, why not solve that dilemma by downloading them here?

If the Beatles aren't to your liking, I can almost guarantee you'll find something remotely interesting at Eric Brown's free MP3 directory. We're talking everything from Czech folk to Billy Zoom and his Rockabilly Band (I didn't say all of it was good). Seriously, you're bound to find something here if you have any interest in music at all. And if you don't.....

Here's a colossal archive of vintage radio shows you should check out.

Both of those last links came from Moffatt's blog, who's something of a demi-god, apparently, at finding free MP3 links.

I was handed the tools by one Harry of Scratchings.
Try thisfor all your listener
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