Sunday, December 05, 2004


Bush Wrecks the Environment, And...A Quiz!

Bush Sets out Plan to Dismantle 30 years of Environmental Laws
That headline covers things pretty well. There's not much more I can add, but the article is worth your time.

Inspired by the new plans Republicans are drawing up, I've created this quiz to see which side you really fall on.

Liberal Enviro-Snake or Conservative Crusader?

1. Do you enjoy breathing clean air and staying free of lung cancer, asthma, and heart disease?
a) yes
b) no

2. Should we:
a) Protect animals that are near extinction.
b) Let them die off, never again to walk the face of the earth. Preferably by building a golf course or a Wal-Mart over their habitat, or shooting them and placing them on the nearest wall.

3. When drilling for oil or building a new condo, corporations should take absolutely nothing into consideration except the question, "how much money can we make?"
a) What? That's insane!
b) Damn tree-huggers.

If you answered mostly a's you are a radical environmentalist, completely out of touch with reality and bent on reviving communism and nature worship. Probably lots of other bad things, too.

If you answered mostly b's, you are a clear thinking conservative. And with morals! You realize there are probably too many animals anyway, and those giant trees just obstruct the view of your yacht.

Boring factual information: If you skipped out on the article, the questions pertain to pending "reviews" of the Clean Air Act, Endangered Species Act, and National Environmental Policy Act.

I was mostly A's in fact I was just planning on going over to the local zoo and freeing all the animals. They are so much better than we are then am going over to the local forest and chaining myself to a tree. Wish me luck.
I enjoy your articles. I'm glad someone is willing to write about things mainstream media won't. I feel we're becoming too politically correct these days, and definitely moving too far to the right. And yes, the decor at Louie's leave much to be desired. Do I know you?
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