Thursday, November 18, 2004

Who Killed Margaret Hassan?

The question to ask is, who benefits from this gruesome crime? Certainly not the insurgents; Even their own people are disgusted by Hassan's execution. Perhaps that's why Iraqi resistors demanded the unconditional release of Hassan by the abductors earlier. Apparently, even Zarqawi requested Hassan be released. And of course, Mujihadeen are actually required to protect women as a religious law of Islam; all women kidnapped so far have been released unharmed.

It seems likely then that this may be a covert psy-op for the purpose of: a) undermining Iraqi support and b) strengthening American support, especially in the face of the Fallujah invasion in which civilian casualties are occurring more publicly than usual. I don't have definitive proof of course, but it's very much like documented tactics we employed in Nicaragua to bring down the Sandanistas.

I want to make it clear in posting this that I'm not some sort of insurgent sympathizer; I want things to go as smooth and quick and as well as possible in Iraq, with the end product being an Iraqi nation free of the sort of suffering it's contemporary history has entailed. But if in indeed these sorts of tactics are at play, they are inexcusable and should be exposed and punished.

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