Saturday, November 27, 2004


Which One Is Unlike The Other?

Situation 1: In 2000, a US presidential candidate loses the popular vote but ascends to office amid allegations of vote fraud, and a controversial appointment by a supreme court stacked with political and personal allies.

Situation 2: In 2004, A US presidential candidate wins re-election amid allegations of vote fraud and irregularities that continue to be documented across the nation, and the opposition party is told to, "quite whining" and get over it.

Situation 3: A Ukrainian presidential race goes to a likely re-vote amid allegations of vote fraud. This move is enthusiastically supported by the above US President, who does not believe the Ukrainian vote is valid or should be accepted.

I like this post, It's really funny! Anyway thanks for your link and comments in my blog. I like the links you've put in your blog.
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