Friday, November 12, 2004


Norway: The Slightly Larger Than New Mexico Paradise

After much study involving a shovel and most of my day, I've concluded that Dante was right: Hell isn't some burning lake of fire after all, it's frozen. Today, something in the neighborhood of one and a half feet of snow fell from the sky and--I've got to say--I'm not too happy about it. I'll have to reconsider my plans to remain in the northern hemisphere, which is a drag because I've come to believe that Norway may well be the perfect nation in which to reside.

Some positive points:

1) It's beautiful.
2) It has a robust economy, capitalist but with strong state controls
3) Free college for all
4) Free healthcare for all, including 42 week paid maternity leave
5) Generous retirement for all, sustainable unemployment pay
6) Has the UN's 1 spot for standard of living
7) No ravenous monsters roaming the hillsides
8) Few conservatives (see above)

But it is far north, and that could be a problem. I'm getting mixed messages from Google on snowfall. So....has anyone actually been to Norway? How's the snow, and is there some awful secret that I'm missing that makes the place wretched? It seems too good to be true, so please feel free to stomp on my hopes or confirm my dreams if you have any first-hand dirt on Norway.

I've never been there but my family's full of Norweigians and from what I hear it's pretty cool. Might have to try it out someday. Snow really isn't too bad for being so far north... but you would have to like snow (people don't?). It's not cold ALL the time and there's plenty of green... very beautiful.
Let's go! How hard can it be to learn Norweigan? I love you!!
-Mrs. Metropol
Yes. But I'm an American expatriot living in Sweden and I prefer to live here. It has all the things that Norway has, a more temperate climate, is more immigrant-friendly and the language is MUCH easier to learn from an American prospective.

The crime rate here is much, much lower than the USA and still lower than Norway. Choose Sweden.
I have to confess to not knowing much about Sweden beyond it's location, but I'm really intrigued by your comments...How did you move there, and what was it like settling in?
Ahhh Sverige. I am biased, but choose Sweden!!!!!
Finland has both Sweden and Norway beat hands down. And it's larger than Bulgaria. Iceland has the best looking women. Plus they're really drunk. And young. But if you're looking for a nice long stretch of isolated beach nothing can top Greenland, with its adobe huts, cactii, not to mention the abundant reptilian nightlife. Plus there's no snow. It's too cold to snow.
Ooh I sense a rivalry!

No kidding, I'd probably take any of the four. Did we mention Denmark? That'd be five, not counting Greenland... which doesn't really count for much (sorry.)

On the other hand, if you're looking to become a hermit someday like me Greenland might be a good choice. Provided you have lots of blankets.
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