Monday, October 25, 2004


Vote Fraud, and 19 Reasons You Should Vote for Kerry...

There's a million, but this is a concise collection of 10 reasons Dubya shouldn't be allowed to sit in the oval office anymore. Pass it around to all of your undecided and wishy-washy friends. If they need another reason, Bob Harris has nine more.

Since we're only eight days away from election day, I find it disheartening to see the latest Election Scorecard at Slate. The most recent analysis at is even more frightening. Even so, I think Kerry is going to--at the very least--win the popular vote, even if he loses in the electoral college and thereby the presidency. I'm not sure what kind of consolation that is, but it's something.

Anyhow, call me a dewy-eyed optimist, but I think Kerry will win this year. The reason being that, undecided voters tend to go with the challenger by a good margin. This year, there are at least 2 million of these commitment-phobes spread out across the battleground states, easily enough to swing the narrow margins we've been seeing in the polls between the two candidates. In fact, I expect this to be---no.

Something has me worried about this election, and I think you should be worried about it as well. Remember Florida 2000? I think we can expect something along these lines again this year. Kerry should win, but take a look at the following links. The people at the wheel don't want to give up power, and I think they're going to be pulling out all the stops:

Prepare for Litigation-filled Post Election

More Problems Arise With Black Box Voting

Computer Scientists Slam E-Voting Machines

Voter Intimidation Begins Early in Florida

Election Chief Warns of Absentee Scam

Republicans Sabotage Democratic Voter Registration

This is about .00034 percent of the stories out there. I'm overwhelmed by it. If you want more info about vote fraud and it's widespread ongoing and upcoming use, check out Vote Watch 2004 and Black Box Voting.Org.

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