Thursday, October 28, 2004


Leech Farming, An Occupation I Never Knew Existed

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After the FDA in the United States cleared the use of leeches for medical purposes, the demand for leeches has skyrocketed. Enter the leech farmers. This was apparently already a job for a handful of people across Europe, according to this article at the International Herald Tribune. Apparently, it can be a profitable line of work as well. Ricarimpex, one of the companies profiled in the above article, clears 300,000 Euros a year in revenue. Not too bad for raising and selling parasitic worms.

If you speak German, you can apparently buy leeches online from Zaug Farms here. Not to be left behind, the Americans have also began venturing into the leech market. Leeches USA sells not only leeches for $7.70 each, but also the very stylish Leech Mobile HomeĀ®.

So, future entrepeuners, maybe this could be your ticket to the top?

For some reason, this has just been my week for bizarre money making schemes (see also Iraq: Investing for Fun and Profit).

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