Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Iraq: Investing for Fun and Profit

I'm not sure if the ordering aspect of is legitimate, but the basic idea presented on their site is. Right now, Iraqi currency is in the gutter.

That may be an understatement. In fact, 1 Iraqi Dinar is equal to 0.000683597 US Dollars.

What this could mean for you is, if you purchased Dinars, and things go well in Iraq, you could stand to make a handsome profit. 1.00 Dinar used to equal 3.00 US Dollars before the Gulf War. Translation: if you were to purchase 100 US Dollars worth of Dinars, and reconstruction goes well, then your 100 dollar purchase could become something like 147,000 US dollars. Of course, that's if things go well. Are you willing to bet some of your own money on the future stability of Iraq?

An article about the Iraqi Dinar purchasing frenzy is located here.

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