Friday, October 29, 2004

Disputed Iraq Explosives in Place After Invasion, Video Evidence Shows
Not only does it show..."boxes marked 'al Qaqaa' and 'High Explosives.' It shows 101st Airborne troopers cutting the locks to the facility to get inside. Worse, it shows the KSTP embedded reporters stating flatly that, despite the fact that all these explosives were inside the facility, the place went completely unguarded." - wrp

Keep in mind that there were 400 Tons of said explosives in the compound, and that less than 1 pound blew up Pan Am Flight 101 over Lockerbie. The same type of explosives were also used in the attack on the USS Cole, and yet this facility was--we now know with video evidence--completely unguarded?? And yet securing the Ministry of Oil and the oil fields was a very high priority? Doesn't this make the whole WMD pretext for the invasion of Iraq nothing more than a sham???

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